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What to Do About Human Error in Security – Darren Kall
Human error is responsible for contributing to 95% of security incidents. Each year the threats to enterprise security grow exponentially. We’re failing to engage employees in protecting valuable company assets and their private information. Technology advances and employee education alone will not eliminate this risk. You will be shocked to learn that Security, IT, and HR are taking the wrong approach to human error. And it’s only going to get worse unless we do something radically different. To combat human error takes a profound understanding of why human errors continue to occur.

Darren Kall, Keynote Presenter
Darren Kall, Keynote Presenter


In this talk Darren Kall will clarify the causes of human error, show how cyberspace hackers are using a deep understanding of the psychology of people to succeed, and he will give specific recommendations for changing your model of human error so that new mitigation strategies can be produced and implemented to reduce human error in security.

Darren Kall is a user experience (UX) design and strategy expert who has made technology better for millions of people globally. Before becoming the managing director of Specific Clarity, Darren worked at Microsoft, AT&T Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies, LexisNexis, and IBM. Darren founded the Windows Security User Experience team, and the Windows Security Assurance team. He was the Group Program Manager of the Windows Core Security team, the Microsoft Passport front-end team, and the Microsoft Passport user experience team. He founded the MSN-client security and privacy teams. At Bell Labs, he worked on designing the security user experience for an AT&T phone system for the Whitehouse. He was a US representative to the standards body of the UN’s agency for information and communication technologies. He has degrees from Dartmouth College and Rutgers College. He holds 11 US patents, 6 international patents, and has 172 patent citations.

Darren recently presented at TEDxDayton which is now available on YouTube at: Make things better | Darren Kall | TEDxDayton. Please take some time to view this as a preview to our conference.

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