2016 Presentation Topics

Presentations we’re looking forward to seeing:

Featuring Conference Keynote Address:

Improv(e) Your Testing! Tips & Tricks from Tester to Jester
by Damian Synadinos, Testing Practice Lead at Workslate Consulting

Damian began testing software—on purpose, and for money, in 1993. Since then, he has helped build better software and build software better using various methods and tools in numerous roles at many companies in diverse industries. In addition, he is very active in his local testing community, and speaks about testing and more at conferences worldwide. During the past ten years, Damian has focused primarily on teaching and leading testers and improving processes. Today, he is the Testing Practice Lead at Workstate Consulting, and currently working as a test lead at the world’s authority in chemical information. LRITA is eagerly looking forward to hosting Mr. Synadinos at this year’s event.

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Breakout sessions include presentations on the following:

Active Directory Forensics with PowerShell

AweSIM:  A Platform for Web-Based High Performance Computing Applications

“Back-IN-Business” is a Multi-tiered, Turn-key Business Continuity Plan Focused on Data Loss Recovery and Expedited Recovery!

Cybercrime: How & Why Businesses are Targeted.

Data Security

Defining Efficiency in the modern SMB datacenter

DNSSec Explained

How to Listen to What Your Software Is Telling You

Interactive Session, a Deep-dive Cloud Networking Demo: Learn How Cisco Meraki Can Streamline Your IT Needs

Leveraging Flash Technologies to Optimize your Storage Expenditures

The Evolution of Flash in the Datacenter

What’s new in the Open Source World, Get your questions answered by the expert!

When User Experience Becomes Mission Critical

While you’re at the Tech Conference, visit our many IT vendors to discuss your challeges regarding:

Data Deduplication
Storage Systems
Server Virtualization
Cloud Computing and Networking Infrastructure
Integration of Diverse Data Technologies, Collection, Distribution and Processing
Data Center Operations
Data, Voice and Managed Services in Local, National and Select International Markets
Mobile and Data Capture Services
Managed Services & Technical Support
Network, Telecom and Bandwidth Services
Video Surveillance, Fire & Security Alarm, Access Control
Data and Facilities Security Services
Dedicated Access Line (DAL) and Optical Digital Services (ODS)
Trends in Solid State
Tablets and Other Portable Devices
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure