Member Benefits

LRITA Membership Benefits

Full Members

Programming and Events (BIT Talk, Annual Conference)

The LRITA Board and member driven committees regularly schedule various events throughout the year, most notably our monthly BIT Talk, giving opportunities for professional networking, education, and professional development. We also host the Annual LRITA Conference which is the premier event for information technology professionals in the region.

LinkedIn Group

LRITA manages an open group on the LinkedIn social media network. We host discussions, post industry news and job board information. This is available to any interested individuals, regardless of whether they are LRITA members.

Job Board

A job board is hosted right here on the LRITA website where our members and area businesses can post IT related job opportunities in our region. In addition, there is a jobs area located on our LinkedIn group where anyone can post and view IT related jobs.

Opportunity to Volunteer on Committees

LRITA is fast becoming a significant resource for information technology professionals in our region. Because of that, we welcome and encourage member involvement by joining our many committees that develop and deliver programming and events throughout the year.

Leadership Opportunities

Along with being actively involved in committees, our members also chair them and serve on the LRITA board. This presents some unique leadership opportunities that can further individual professional development and leadership skills.

Exchange Best Practices

LRITA events present an opportunity to share and exchange best practices both vertically by industry and horizontally across our entire member base. Our members enjoy the interactive events that support the sharing and learning that strengthens individual skills that in turn benefits the organizations they work for.

Business Development Through Networking

Professional networking is the glue that binds professionals together. There are many opportunities for our diverse base of members, both IT professionals and vendors, to come together for the sharing of ideas. Many members find solutions at LRITA events that may include new vendor partnerships.

Public Policy

LRITA’s founding was spawned from the workings of government and industry while seeking strengths that would bolster economic development within the region. The organization continues to view that partnership as a key strength for our region. In turn, LRITA sanctions and its members are actively involved in projects such as Connect Ohio (, which is sponsored by local, county, and state governments.

Industry Discounts

Vendors see a value in offering our members discounts for their IT related products and services. And the LRITA Board welcomes these opportunities when they become available. This also presents our members with ideas for solutions they might not otherwise have attained.

Educational Events

Throughout the year, educational events are held to the benefit of our members. Some are member-led events while others are vendor sponsored events. LRITA’s board and committees welcome the opportunity to work with both members and vendors alike in delivering such presentations to the LRITA community.

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